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Further event announcements and other important information about studies, job description and research in Business Information Systems (WI) can be found on the website of the WI Community.

General recommendation for WI the education

The general recommendation for WI education at universities provides an orientation for the curriculum design of study programmes.

The current version was developed by a working group led by Prof. Dr. Reinhard Jung (University of St. Gallen ) with the participation of many colleagues and was adopted by the WKWI and the GI in February 2017, replacing the version from 2007.

The general recommendation describes the subject and goals of the scientific discipline of Business Information Systems as well as the basic educational goals in Bachelor and Master programs. For the first time, the aspired professional, social and personal competencies as well as exemplary job descriptions of business information systems professionals are also presented. In addition, the recommendation includes the central main areas of education and gives advice on the structural design of curricula.

"Curriculum recommendation for WI education at universities"


In the fourth quarter of 2023, a new revision of the Framework Recommendation will begin. It will be led by Prof. Dr. Daniel Beverungen.

Profile of the WI

The "Profile of the WI" shows the continuous development of the WI. It serves as an orientation, especially for those persons who come into contact with our subject for the first time.

This paper, entitled "Profile of the WI", replaces a text dating from 1992. It was adopted in this form at the WKWI Assembly in Zurich 2011 without any dissenting votes.

In several years of work and with the participation of many colleagues this document has been developed. Thank you very much for this voluntary work!

"Profile of the WI"