Topic 10: Dealing with Journal Rankings and those of Individual Academics

It is well known that the VHB conducts its own journal ranking, but rejects a ranking of individuals, as has now been published twice in the Handelsblatt - in contrast, for example, to the Verein für Socialpolitik (German Economic Association), of which some VHB members are also members, which even supports the Handelsblatt financially. In the past, the VHB board has, also in association with JourQual, made recommendations for dealing with journal rankings. These recommendations are aimed at the manner in which such rankings are used in application procedures for professors and with respect to the status accorded to the number of publications, in relation to other evaluation criteria (e.g publication of textbooks). However, the question arises as to how, in particular, academics in Business Administration participating in such application processes can deal with such recommendations, and what constitutes “good academic and/or professional practice” in this context.

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