36. Tagung zu dem Thema "Organisation des Temporärem", 29.02.-02.03.2012 in Berlin

Jetta Frost, Rick Vogel, Khaled Bagban

Towards a Combinative Approach to Management Contro: How Control Mechanisms Interact in a Multi-Business Firm

Koreferat: Peter Walgenbach

Gregory Jackson, Na Ni

Understanding Complementarities as Configurations: Revisiting Corporate Governance with fs/QCA

Koreferat: Pertti Aaltonen

Christian Landau

Beyond Incentives and Control: Value Creation by Corporate Centres of Unrelated Diversified Portfolios through Vertical Intervention in Single Business Units – The Case of Private Equity Firms

Koreferat: Joachim Wolf

Prisca Brosi, Matthias Spörrle, Isabell M. Welpe, Jason D. Shaw

The Role of Trait Positive Affectivity in the Evaluation of One’s Own and Others’ Financial Rewards

Koreferat: Ronald Hartz

Indre Maurer, Udo Staber

The Organizational Antecedents of Strong Ties in Inter-organizational Projects

Koreferat: Jörg Raab

Marcus Drescher, Nicola Staub, Isabell Welpe, Audrey Korsgaard, Arnold Picot, Rolf Wigand

The Impact of Shared Leadership on Communication, Trust, and Performance in Virtual Teams

Koreferat: Renate Ortlieb

Günther Ortmann

Noch nicht/nicht mehr – Die Organisation und der versäumte Augenblick

Koreferat: Alfred Kieser

Gordon Müller-Seitz, Elke Schüßler, Leonhard Dobusch

The Role of Event Ecologies in Coordinating International Network Organizations, Industries, and Policy Fields

Koreferat: Christina Hoon

Brigitte Biehl-Missal

Ästhetik und Organisation: Der Einsatz temporärer künstlerischer Interventionen

Koreferat: Dominik van Aaken

Dirk Harlacher; Markus Reihlen

Governance of Professional Service Firms: A Configuration Theory

Koreferat: Barbara Müller

Thomas Ehrmann, Brinja Meiseberg

The Organization of Successful Book Projects in Management Science

Koreferat: Wolfgang Burr

Frank Lerch, Miriam Wilhelm

A Network Perspective on Open Innovation – The Case of the German Network of Automotive Excellence

Koreferat: Olaf Rank

Michael Strenge, Olaf Rank

Where Do Interpersonal Networks Come From? Evidence From the German High-Technology Industry

Koreferat: Wolfgang Güttel

Polina Grill, Rudi Bresser

Strategically Valuable Resources and Capabilities and their Impact on the Success of Mergers & Acquisitions: Towards

a Dyadic Perspective

Korreferat: Jana Oehmichen

Markus Göbel, Christina Weber, Rick Vogel

Management Research on Reciprocity: A Bibliometric Review

Korreferat: Stephan Nüesch

Marc Steffen Rapp, Sebastian Schrapp, Michael Wolff

Management Compensation and R&D Curtailment During the Financial Crisis – The Role of Stock-Based Incentives and National Shareholder Protection

Korreferat: Christian Vögtlin

Thomas Lagner, Dodo zu Knyphausen-Aufseß

The Influence of Credit Ratings on Corporate Strategy – An Assessment of the Diversification Decisions of US-Companies from 1990 to 2008

Korreferat: Michael Wolff

Julia Brennecke, Olaf Rank, Anja Tuschke

Interlocking Directorate Networks and CEO Compensation: Which Ties Pay Off?

Korreferat: Miriam Wilhelm

Jana Oehmichen, Marc Steffen Rapp, Michael Wolff

The Impact of Multiple Directorships on Firm Performance – Is There a Positive Network Effect of Busy Directors?

Korreferat: Jost Sieweke

Ronald Hartz, Gabriele Faßauer

Gesellschaftliches Leistungsprinzip und organisationale Vergütungspraxis im Kontext der globalen Finanzkrise – Eine diskursanalytische Untersuchung

Korreferat: Tanja Rabl

Philipp Hermanns

Organizational Hubris and the Rise and Fall of a Celebrity Firm – The Case of Cargolifter

Korreferat: Georg Wernicke

Eberhard Riesenkampff, Amit Karna, Ansgar Richter

Revisiting the Role of the Environment in the Resource-based View: A Meta-Analysis

Korreferat: Georg Schreyögg

Katrin Muehlfeld, Padma Rao Sahib

A Contextual Theory of Organizational Learning from Failures and Successes – A Study of Acquisition Completion in the Global Newspaper Industry, 1981–2008

Korreferat: Ann-Christin Schulz

Patrick Haack, Dennis Schoeneborn, Christopher Wickert

Talking the Talk, Moral Entrapment, Creeping Commitment? Exploring Narrative Dynamics in Corporate Responsibility Standardization

Korreferat: Daniel Geiger

Christina Hoon

Too Taboo to Change: How Actors Address and Respond to Taboo Issues in Strategy Debates – Reforming the Lutheran Church in Germany

Korreferat: Egbert Kahle

Andreas Georg Scherer, Christian Vögtlin

MNCs as Political Actors in a Post-National World: Challenges and Implications for Human Resource Management

Korreferat: Frank Schirmer

Stefan Süß, Anne Tempel

The Institutionalization of Diversity Management in Germany – the Activities of Institutional Entrepreneurs at Organizational Level

Korreferat: Barbara Sieben

Frank Lerch, Elke Schüßler, Carolin Decker

Exploring Forms of Inter-Cluster Collaboration: A Typology and Investigation of Governances Issues

Korreferat: Stephan Kaiser

Dirk Klimkeit, Markus Reim

Local Responses to Global Integration in a Transnational Professional Service Firm

Korreferat: Anne Tempel

Dennis Schoeneborn, Hannah Trittin, Andreas Georg Scherer

Transcending Transmission: CSR Communication Reconstructed From a “Communication Constitutes Organizations” (CCO) View

Korreferat: Daniela Gröschke

Georg Wernicke, Steffen Brenner

Holier Than Thou: Socially Responsible Firms, Hypocrisy, and the Moral Outrage About Executive Greed

Korreferat: Andreas G. Scherer

Dominik van Aaken, Violetta Splitter, David Seil

Why do Corporate Actors Engage in Pro-Social Behavior? A Bourdieusian Perspective on Corporate Social Responsibility

Korreferat: Albert Löhr

Jost Sieweke

Imitation and Processes of Institutionalization – Insights from Bourdieu’s Theory of Practice

Korreferat: Jochen Koch

Markus Burger, Jörg Sydow

How Inter-organizational Networks Can Become Path-dependent: Bargaining Practices in the Photonics Industry

Korreferat: Simon Oertel

Olivier Berthod

Bridging Path Dependence and Path Creation: Towards a Structurationist Reconciliation

Korreferat: Tobias Heller

Arjan Kozica, Stephan Kaiser, Martin Friesel

A Conventionalist Perspective on Organizational Routines: Challenging the Routine Discussion by Integrating Interactionalist and Institutional Elements

Korreferat: Nina Katrin Hansen

Norbert Bach, Stefan Krämer

Asset Specificity in Modular Industry Architectures – Reconceptualization and Implications for Dual Mode Governance

Korreferat: Carolin Decker

Werner Nienhüser

Academic Capitalism? – Wirtschaftsvertreter in Hochschulräten deutscher Universitäten. Eine organisationstheoretisch fundierte empirische Analyse

Korreferat: Isabell M. Welpe

Steffen Blaschke

35 Jahre Wissenschaftliche Kommission Organisation: Die Organisation der deutschsprachigen Organisationsforschung und -lehre

Korreferat: Dodo zu Knyphausen-Aufseß

Stephan Nüesch

Dual-Class Shares and Firm Value: Evidence from a Natural Experiment

Korreferat: Irma Rybnikova

Egon Franck, Stephan Nüesch, Jan Pieper

How Expectations Affect Managerial Change

Korreferat: Rainhart Lang

Alfred Kieser

Braucht der Kapitalismus erfolgreiche Unternehmer? Oder: Warum werden immer mehr Unternehmer charismatisiert

Korreferat: Werner Nienhüser

Jutta Wollersheim, Christoph Döbrich, Matthias Spörrle, Isabell Welpe

Stereotypes and Debiasing in Bank Lending Decisions to Nascent Entrepreneurs

Korreferat: Arjan Kozica

Achim Hecker, Alois Ganter

Innovative Organizational Change: Determinants, Complementarities, Performance Effects

Korreferat: Markus Reihlen

Christopher Wickert, Sophia Kusyk, Antonio Vaccaro

From Symbolic to Substantial Adoption: Exploring the Social Dynamics of Organizational Identity Orientation

Korreferat: Edeltraud Hanappi-Egger

Stefan Hauptmann, Thomas Steger

Computer-mediated Behavior in Professional Social Media Frames

Korreferat: Steffen Blaschke

Ulrich Lichtenthaler, Martin Högl, Miriam Müthel,

Not-Invented-Here and Not-Sold-Here Attitudes as Microfoundations of Product Development

Korreferat: Dennis Schoeneborn

Lauri Wessl, Martin Gersch

Codes and Institutions: Alligning Institutional Studies of Work and Technology

Korreferat: Gabriele Faßauer

Andrea Fried, Ronney Gey, Agnieta Pretorius, Lars Günther

Emancipation from Standards – Process Management and Technical Innovation in Software Development Organizations

Korreferat: Leonhard Dobusch