40. Workshop der WK ORG, 17.02.-19.02.2016 in Zürich

Karin Link

Reviewing Paradox, Tensions and Leadership – Towards an Integrated Model of Paradoxical Leadership

Korreferat: Hendrik Hüttermann

Hendrik Hüttermann,
Florian Kunze,
Heike Bruch

Promoting Diversity Climate in Organizations: The Interplay of Organizational LMX Quality and Top Management Leadership

Korreferat: Karin Link

Marius Luber,
Anja Tuschke,
Miriam Flickinger

Competing Ways to the Top: How Directors' Social Class Origin Affects Board Appointments

Korreferat: Konstantin Bottenberg

Konstantin M. Bottenberg,
Anja Tuschke

The Impact of Directors' Advisory Expertise and Advisory[1]oriented Board Structures on Board Effectiveness

Korreferat: Sascha Ruhle

Jan Goldenstein,
Philipp Poschmann,
Sebastian Händschke,
Peter Walgenbach

The Cultural Construction of Corporate Responsibility: A Comparative Study Across Three Developed Cultural Nations

Korreferat: David Risi

David Risi,
Christopher Wickert

A Multidirectional Trajectory of the Relationship Between Institutionalization and Professionalization

Korreferat: Jan Goldenstein

Stefan Schembera,
Patrick Haack,
Andreas Georg Scherer

Making Sense of Decoupling in the Global Anti-Corruption Field: Narratives on Compliance and Achievement Across Space and Time

Korreferat: Dennis Schoeneborn

Dennis Schoeneborn,
Fabian Homberg

Goffman's Return to Las Vegas: Studying Corruption as Social Interaction

Korreferat: Birgit Renzl

Brinja Meiseberg,
Thomas Ehrmann,
Aloys Prinz

Anything Worth Winning Is Worth Cheating For?" – Determinants of Cheating Behavior Among Business and Theology Students

Korreferat: Maximilian Rüdisser

Bernd Frick,
Robert Simmons

Losing My Religion: Exits from the Catholic and Protestant Churches in Germany, 1960-2013

Korreferat: Georg Wernicke

JP Vergne,
Georg Wernicke,
Steffen Brenner

What Drives Media Disapproval of Overpaid CEOs and When Does It Trigger Cuts in CEOs' Excess Pay?

Korreferat: Florian Ueberbacher

Maximilian Rüdisser,
Raphael Flepp,
Egon Franck

Do Casinos Pay their Customers to Become Risk-Averse? Revising the House Money Effect in a Natural Experiment

Korreferat: Kerstin Fehre

Irina Koprax,
Wolfgang H. Güttel

Issue Selling & Issue Clouding as Processes to Influence the Strategic Agenda Bottom up

Korreferat: Mark Ebers

Norbert Steigenberger,
Mark Ebers

Goal-Setting and Goal Achievement in Post-Acquisition Integration

Korreferat: Irina Koprax

Blagoy Blagoev,
Georg Schreyögg

Why Does the Extra-Long Hours Regime Persist? Evidence From an Elite Management Consulting Firm

Korreferat: Stephan Nüesch

Claudia Kröll,
Stephan Nüesch

The Effects of Flexible Work Practices on Employees' Work and Non-Work Attitudes: A Panel Analysis

Korreferat: Blagoy Blagoev

Thomas Keil,
Markus Lang,
Dirk Martignoni

When a Focus on the Important Things Hurts Performance: Attention, Problem Knowledge, and Organizational Performance

Korreferat: Andranik Tumasjan

Andranik Tumasjan,
Florian Kunze,
Heike Bruch,
Isabell M. Welpe

Linking Employer Branding and Firm Performance: Testing an Integrative Model of Recruitment and Retention Processes

Korreferat: Dirk Martignoni

Bård Kuvaas,
Robert Buch,
Antoinette Weibel,
Anders Dysvik,
Christina G. Leonore Nerstad

The Relative Impact of Extrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation on Employee Outcomes

Korreferat: Claudia Kröll

Claudia Kröll,
Stephan Nüesch

Catch the Graduates: The Effects of Flexible Work Practices on Organizational Attractiveness

Korreferat: Antoinette Weibel

Dennis Lips,
Michael Woywode

Increasing Team Effectiveness Through Incremental Administrative Innovation: A Long-Term Field Experiment

Korreferat: Meike Wiemann

Meike Wiemann,
Antoinette Weibel,
Philipp Heinzelmann

How Team Members Control Free Riding in Knowledge Work Contexts: A Multidimensional Scaling Study

Korreferat: Dennis Lips

Ulrich Leicht-Deobald,
Chak Fu Lam,
Heike Bruch,
Florian Kunze

Why Team Boundary Work Matters: A Moderated Mediation Model of Team Boundary Activities, Team Emotional Energy, and Team Innovation

Korreferat: Miriam Flickinger

Simon Dischner,
Sascha Ruhle

The Formation of Constructive Lateral Voice – a Scenario-Based Experimental Study

Korreferat: Ulrich Leicht-Deobald

Christian Gärtner,
Christian Huber

Pick up Your Tools: Integrating Tools in Models of Mindful Organizing

Korreferat: Günther Ortmann

Günther Ortmann

Die Emergenz korporativer Akteure und die Unschuld des Wirtschaftlichkeitsprinzips

Korreferat: Christian Huber

Katharina Dittrich,
Martha Feldmann,
David Seidl

How the Interplay of Multiple Routines Generates a Dynamic and Coherent Pattern

Korreferat: Angelika Striedinger

Angelika Striedinger

Responses to Gender Equality Work in Organizations: The Role of the Rhetorical Structure of Arguments

Korreferat: Katharina Dittrich

Christian Gärtner

A Remedy Called Affordances: Bedrock of a Relational Account of Materiality or a Rock on Which to Founder?

Korreferat: Cornelia Storz

Steven Casper,
Marcela Miozzo,
Cornelia Storz

Capabilities and Generic Complementary Assets in New Industries: The Emergence of the Online Gaming Industry

Korreferat: Christian Gärtner

Anja Schröder,
Matthias Wenzel

Dynamic Capabilities: Toward A Practice-Based Understanding

Korreferat: Ann-Kristin Zobel

Ann-Kristin Zobel

Dynamic Capabilities for Open Innovation: Sensing, Seizing, and Reconfiguring External Sources of Innovation

Korreferat: Anja Schröder

Hendrik Wilhelm,
Indre Maurer

Exploring Configurations for Change: A Multi-Method Study on Dynamic Capabilities Types

Korreferat: Maximilian Sturm

Maximilian Sturm,
Stephan Nüesch

Dynamic Managerial Capabilities and Business Unit Performance: The Effect of Financial Constraints on the Corporate Manager's Capital Allocation Effectiveness

Korreferat: Hendrik Wilhelm

Florian Naegele,
Jörn Hoppmann,
Bastien Girod

Learning to Learn – How the Board of Directors Influences Organizational Shifts from Exploitation to Exploration

Korreferat: Stefan Konlechner

Stefan W. Konlechner

Issues and Trends in Causal Ambiguity Research: A Review and Extension

Korreferat: Jörn Hoppmann

Fabian Hattke,
Jetta Frost,
Hendrik Woiwode

How Performance Appraisals Challenge the Professional Sense[1]Of-Self: An Inquiry Into Multiple Work-Related Identities of Medical Scholars

Korreferat: Olaf Rank

Julia Brennecke,
Olaf N. Ranck

The Firm's Knowledge Network and the Transfer of Advice Among Corporate Inventors – A Multilevel Network Study

Korreferat: Fabian Hattke

Jörg Sydow,
Olivier Berthod,
Michael Grothe-Hammer,
Gordon Müller-Seitz

Interorganizational Coordinating for Reliability: An Ethnography of a High-Reliability Network

Korreferat: Giuseppe Delmestri

Giuseppe Delmestri, Fabrizio Montanari

Faraway, so Close! Market Access, Status Rise and the Need for Robust Action

Korreferat: Olivier Berthod

Katja Rost, Lea Stahel, Bruno S. Frey

Digital Social Norm Enforcement: Online Firestorms in Social Media

Korreferat: Steffen Blaschke

Steffen Blaschke

The Communicative Constitution of Agency in Public Administration: The Case of Refugee Housing

Korreferat: Katja Rost

Markus Reihlen,
Ferdinand Wenzlaff, Michael Smets

From Institutional Contradictions to Organizational Transformation

Korreferat: Georg Loscher

Georg Loscher,
Stephan Kaiser

Trustee or Businessman: How German Accounting Firms Deal With Conflicting Logics

Korreferat: Markus Reihlen

Carolin Auschra,
Timo Braun,
Thomas Schmidt

Projects as Formats: How Institutional Contexts Shape New Venture Creation

Korreferat: Leonhard Dobusch

Maximilian Heimstädt,
Leonhard Dobusch

Shifting Organizational Boundaries Through Institutional Work: The Case of Open Data in Berlin

Korreferat: Timo Braun

Emilio Marti,
Jean-Pascal Gond,
André Spicer

Institutional Maintenance by Filling the Space of Critique: How Critics Stabilize Financial Regulation

Korreferat: Jost Sieweke

Jost Sieweke,
Patrick Haack

The Effect of the Financial Crisis on Individuals' Belief in the Efficiency of Markets: Evidence From a Cross-Country Natural Experiment

Korreferat: Emilio Marti