42. Workshop der WK ORG, 14.02.-16.02.2018 in Hamburg

P.J. Oehler, J. Stumpf-Wollersheim, I.M. Welpe, D. Obstfeld

War and peace: How conflict affects teams’ decisions whether to enact routines or creative projects

Koreferat: A. Danner-Schröder

D. Geiger, A. Danner-Schröder

Time in the making: Toward a relational understanding of time in routine performance

Koreferat: P. Oehler

B. Schiemer, E. Schüßler, J. Sydow

Collaborating for creativity: A virtual songwriting community in the making

Koreferat: G. Reischauer

G. Reischauer, J. Mair

Platform organizing: Reconsidering online communities and strategic responses

Koreferat: B. Schiemer

J. Joecks, N. Smith

Are gender-stereotyping attitudes of managers related to quitting among managers and employees?

Koreferat: E. P. Piening

D. Antons, E. P. Piening, T. O. Salge

Media reputation and employee turnover: A dyadic perspective

Koreferat: J. Joecks

B. Blagoev, G. Schreyögg

Industry patterns and competitive dynamics: Explaining the persistence of extra-long working hours in German elite management consulting firms (1964 – today)

Koreferat: S. Süß

R. Schmoll, S. Süß

Der Einfluss von zeit- und ortsflexibler Arbeit auf die Arbeitgeberattraktivität – Eine szenariobasierte Experimentalstudie

Koreferat: B. Blagoev

F. Überbacher, A. G. Scherer

Indirect compellence and institutional change: U.S. extraterritorial law enforcement and the erosion of Swiss banking secrecy

Koreferat: L. Wessel

L. Wessel, P. Haack, J. Sieweke

From micro-level research to the microfoundations of institutions: A review, synthesis, and future challenges

Koreferat: F. Überbacher

D. Semper

The becoming of a profession: From distributed to orchestrated agency

Koreferat: S. Blaschke

S. Blaschke

The distribution of agency in organizational communication: A Luhmannian perspective

Koreferat: D.Semper

S. Habersang, J. Küberling, M. Reihlen, C. Seckler

A process perspective on organizational failure: A qualitative meta-analysis

Koreferat: M. Osterloh

M. Osterloh, B. S. Frey

Der fragwürdige Impact des Impact-Faktors

Koreferat: M. Reihlen

S. G. M. Händschke, J. Goldenstein, P. Walgenbach

Cognitive isomorphism and organizational cognition: Effects of management ideas as filters

Koreferat: J. Grünauer

J. Grünauer, W. H. Güttel

Elementary heuristics: Untangling the nexus between cognitions & capabilities

Koreferat: N. K. Hansen

M. Heimstädt, L. Dobusch

Paradoxes of Openness as a Strategy: Open Data in New York, London, and Berlin

Koreferat: R. Weißkopf

R. Weißkopf

Dis/organizing visibilities: Transparency between conduct and counter-conduct

Koreferat: M. Heimstädt

C. Holländer, B. Michaelis

Is M&A advisor involvement sustainable? Impact of external advisors and an internal function on M&A dynamic capabilities

Koreferat: V. Langholf

V. Langholf, U. Wilkens

New employment relationships as antecedents of dynamic capabilities - The role of employee engagement and empowering working conditions

Koreferat: C. Holländer

M. Rost, E. Sonnenmoser, B. Renzl

Facilitating ambidexterity by social networking of R&D middle managers in the automotive industry

Koreferat: O. Rossmanek

O. Rossmanek, O. N. Rank

Microdynamics in alliance networks: The contingency of endogenous effects

Koreferat: M. Rost

A. G. Scherer, C. Voegtlin

Corporate governance for responsible innovation: Approaches to corporate governance and their implications for sustainable development

Koreferat: G. Möllering

L. A. Henry, G. Möllering

Collective organization of corporate social responsibility: The role of trust as an organizing principle

Koreferat: C. Voegtlin

A. Kirsch, E. Sauerborn

Spillover effects of board gender composition: The role of women directors in Germany

Koreferat: K. Moser

K. Moser, K. Pull, S. Terjesen, P. Yang

Board gender quota effectiveness and firm financial performance: A difference-indifference approach

Koreferat: E. Sauerborn

A. Danne-Schröder, D. vn der Lieth, G. Müller-Seitz

Coordinating in crises situations as a sociomaterial accomplishment with multiple actors – The case of a bomb alert at Düsseldorf Airport

Koreferat: C. Auschra

C. Auschra

Issue fields as the engines of change in exchange fields: The case of integrated health care in Germany

Koreferat: A. A. Gümüsay

F. Hattke, R. Vogel

A compass for the management theory jungle: Mapping the intellectual structure of management and organization theories

Koreferat: J. C. Spender

J. C. Spender

J.C. Spender (Kozminski U Warszawa) Remarks on American management education that take off from a review of McDonald

Duff Koreferat: F. Hattke

B. Frick, R. Simmons

The impact of individual and collective reputation on wine prices: A quantile regression approach

Koreferat: T. Ehrmann

A. Prinz, T. Ehrmann

Gang wars, gang strategy and drug prices

Koreferat: B. Frick

U. Leicht-Deobald, H. Hüttermann, H. Bruch

The effects of organizational demographic faultlines: How and why identity-based subgroups affect firm-level consequences

Koreferat: S. Schweiger

S. Schweiger

A conceptual process model on fluctuating group identification

Koreferat: U. Leicht-Deobald

S. G. M. Händschke

Performance effects of management idea isomorphism and management idea orientations in an economic crisis

Koreferat: I. Bruder

I. Bruder

Seeing beyond social entrepreneurship’s mission – How an ethical frame of reference shifts the focus on practices

Koreferat: S. G. M. Händschke

K. Rost, M. Döhne

Social mechanisms of local knowledge spillover in the geography of innovation

Koreferat: A. Kieser

S. Bort, A. Kieser

From asceticism to wealth and from poverty to riches: Medieval monasteries, pitfalls of rationalization, and the strength of the weak

Koreferat: M. Döhne

M. Florian, J. Costas, D. Kärreman

Struggling with meaningfulness: An ethnography of voluntary work in a German refugee shelter

Koreferat: M. Grothe-Hammer

O. Berthod, M. Grothe-Hammer

Organizing doubt: Adaptive sensemaking in an emergency response organization

Koreferat: M. Florian

N. Lohmeyer, E. Schüßler

Challenging the functionality of audits: Examining the bureaucratization of risks of industrial accidents through the eyes of Franz Kafka, novelist and insurance lawyer

Koreferat: G. Ortmann

G. Ortmann

„Verschleifung“ als Problem organisationaler Entscheidungen Hierarchie, Selbstreferentialität und Gewaltenteilung in Organisationen

Koreferat: N. Lohmeyer

L. Dobusch, L. Dobusch, Katharina Kreissl

Approaching the "good organization": Comparing open, Inclusive and alternative organizations

Koreferat: R. Schnider

R. Schnider, P. Haack, A. G. Scherer

Legitimacy judgments about corporate tax avoidance: A deliberation experiment

Koreferat: L. Dobusch