44. Workshop der WK ORG, 17.03.-19.03.2020 in Frankfurt am Main

Fand im Rahmen der 82. VHB Jahrestagung statt.

U. Frank, A. Bock

Organisationsforschung und Wirtschaftsinformatik: Zeit für eine Annäherung?

Koreferat: P. Sylla

P. Sylla, I. Hausladen

Business-managed IT - Rahmenbedingungen für mehr ITVerantwortung durch den Fachbereich

Koreferat: U. Frank

M. Osterloh, A. Goodall, M. FongPut the Women in Charge - by Lot
A. Fried, D. Karadzhova-Beyer, S. Langer, A. Pretorius

The nexus between standards and innovation – an explanation of contradictory results through the concept of social agency

Koreferat: P. Zimmermann

M. Heimstädt, M. Ziewitz

Assembling Expertise: Emerging Governance of Algorithmic Systems in New York City

Koreferat: V. Langholf

H. Sminia, J. Sydow, S. Bohn

Path Creation as Contestation, Imbrication and Emancipation: How Music Distribution Became Digital

Koreferat: A. Kieser

W. Kremser, B. Blagoev

The Dynamics of Prioritizing: PersonRoles, Routines, and the Emergence of Temporal Coordination in Complex Work Settings

Koreferat: H. Schaudt

H. Schaudt, A. Danner-Schörder, G. Müller-Seitz

Organizational routines and emotions - How routine participants thinking, feeling and caring drives the enactment of routines

Koreferat: W. Kremser

F. Redlbacher, J. Frost, M. Volland

Fostering endogenous change: meeting landscapes as dynamic control configurations from within

Koreferat: A. Tuschke

C. Meyer, A. Tuschke

The Impact of Strategic Change on Corporate Misconduct and the Role of Situation-Specific Governance Mechanisms

Koreferat: J. Frost

P. Poschmann, P. Walgenbach

Constructing the Meaning of Digitalization: The Structuration of an Issue Field in Germany

Koreferat: T. Gegenhuber

N. Folger, P. Brosi, J. Stumpf-Wollersheim

Individual Ambidexterity as a Response to Technological Turbulence - The Moderating Role of Formalization

Koreferat: C. Meyer

I. Kandel, E. PieningBetween Cooperation and Rivalry - How Inter-Organizational Relationships Influence the Identification of Employees in the Nonprofit Sector
T. Schardt, E. PieningExploring learning from failure – How cognitive processes shape learning modes of entrepreneurs
K. RachlitzDie digitalisierte Organisation und ihr Anderes
K. RegoDigitalisierung als Risiko für das Auftreten medizinischer Fehler
A. Pestotnik, S. SüßDer Zusammenhang zwischen Idiosyncratic Deals und Arbeitsstress – Eine empirische Analyse
B. Blagoev, G. Schreyögg

Eigenzeit: Reconceptualizing the temporal relationships of organizations and environments beyond entrainment

Koreferat: G. Ortmann

S. Gaiser, C. Mahringer, M. Rost, S. Wütz, B. Renzl

Organizational Agility – A Structured Review of the Literature

Koreferat: K. Rachlitz

B. Bullinger, A. Schneider, J. Gond

Placing the displaced: The valuation of forced migrants on the labor market

Koreferat: R. Ortlieb

R. Ortlieb, E. Glauninger, S. Weiss

Welcoming Refugees in Organizations: Inclusion and the Construction of ‘Good’, ‘Glorious’ and ‘Grateful’ Refugees

Koreferat: B. Bullinger

M. Leybold

Excluding to achieve inclusion: an alternative perspective on self-managing organization approaches

Koreferat: I. Bruder

I. Bruder

Practice Drift in Social Enterprises – Addressing the Blind Spot of Mission Drift Research

Koreferat: P. Erpf

E. Esau, E. PieningBusiness Model Innovation Capability: Antecedents and Performance Implications
P. Nguyen, S. SüßOnline-Partizipation: Eine Analyse der Technologieakzeptanz von Mitarbeitern der öffentlichen Verwaltung
A. Gümüsay, L. Claus, J. Amis

The Restoration of Institutional Logics and the Engagement of Grand Challenges

Koreferat: C. Auschra

C. Auschra, J. Deisner, A. Berghöfer, J. Sydow

Strategically Constructing a Grand Challenge? The Case of Health Care Undersupply in Rural Germany

Koreferat: A. Gümüsay

E. Reuter, F. Überbacher, A. Scherer

Territory Beliefs and the General Deterrence of Misconduct: Swiss Banks’ Responses to U.S. Law Enforcement against Some Peers

Koreferat: C. Endenich

A. Schneider, B. Bullinger, J. Brandl

Resourcing at the frontline: How frontline employees interactively balance tensions by creating resources

Koreferat: T. Theel

T. Wrona, P. Reinecke, J. Fuchs“I Thought It Was Just About Technology.” – A Discourse-Analytical Reconstruction Of The Images Of Big Data & Analytics In Business Magazines
P. Huneke, E. Piening

Danger from the Outside? A Qualitative Analysis of Employees' Sensemaking of and Responses to Negative Media Coverage

Koreferat: P. Reinecke

S. Piest

Framing a Contest in Terms of Ego Competition Increases Cheating via Ego State Competitiveness

Koreferat: H. Wilhelm

K. Klein, H. Wilhelm, S. Albers

Enemy mine: When do incumbents identify entrants as competitors?

Koreferat: S. Piest

M. Miozzo, C. Storz, S. Casper

Institutionally-bounded organizational identity of new firms in new industries: digital engineers and digital creatives in the mobile games industry

Koreferat: P. Walgenbach

J. Bartosch, G. JacksonCorporate Social Responsibility and Irrespnsibility in Comparison: An Actor-Centered Institutional Perspective
R. Weiskopf, P. ZimmermannProblematizing the ‘Transparency-fix’ in the Fight Against Corruption: the Example of Transparency International
U. Wilkens, V. Langholf, M. Dewey, S. Andrzejewski

Service co-creation with artificial intelligence in radiology – Exploring the mindset of clinical staff in order to understand the transformation challenge

Koreferat: M. Heimstädt

M. Nadegger

The role of non-human actors in the constitution of the #wirsindmehr collective in Germany

Koreferat: L. Claus

G. OrtmannOrganisation, Moral und Performativität Bootstrapped induction und leere Signifikanten
A. KieserKann man Managementprobleme im Prinzip so diagnostizieren und „heilen“ wie Probleme von Patienten? Zur Kritik des Evidenzbasierten Managements
M. Maurer, N. Bach, S. Oertel

The knowing architects of their own demise? How middle managers react to divergent organizational change

Koreferat: G. Schreyögg

M. Leybold, L. Dobusch, L. Dobusch

The Google Memo Gate: Negotiating organizational exclusion under the banner of inclusion

Koreferat: P. Wollborn

S. Firk, A. Hanelt, J. Oehmichen, M. WolffWho needs a chief digital officer? A contingency analysis of a centralized digital transformation responsibility
C. Wissing, J. TrenkmannExploring the effects of digital healthcare platforms. A grounded theory approach
A. Buhmann, D. Schöneborn, K. Maltseva, P. HaackAnthropomorphizing metaphors vs. technomorphizing metonymies: Investigating key mechanisms in the attribution of organizational actorhood and responsibility
J. Wilhelm, E. PieningIdentity Conflicts in Multi-Team Settings: The Moderating Role of Geographic Dispersion and Time Fragmentation