46. Workshop der WK ORG, 09.03.-10.03.2022 in Lüneburg (Online)

Fand im Rahmen der 83. VHB Jahrestagung statt.

J. Düsterbeck, S. Habersang

Patching Meaningfulness: How Early Career Scholars Construct Their Work as Meaningful in a Pluralistic Work Context

Koreferat: J. Goldenstein

J. Goldenstein, P. Walgenbach

Discourse, Praxis, and Materiality: The Linguistic and Bodily Constitution of Meaning in Social Settings

Koreferat: J. Düsterbeck

G. Conti, N. Kruse, P. Schreck

The Role of Organizational Motives in the Formation of Legitimacy Judgments

Koreferat: M. Braun

M. Braun, C. Jess

Impression management in corporate communication to camouflage financial misrepresentation

Koreferat: P. Schreck

E. Schüßler, G. Delmestri, M. Acosta et al.What if Civilization Collapses? Management Scholarship in and for Deep Adaption
C. Scheve, I. Lietzke-PrinzTo B or not to B: About the variability in individuals" perceptions of identity in certified B Corporations
B. Otto, E. Schüßler, J. Sydow, L. Vogelsang

Navigating between Predictability and Creativity in Complex Innovation Processes: The Role of Entrainment and Detrainment in Temporal Work

Koreferat: Z. Lucius

Z. Lucius, S. Damberg

The mediating role of inspiring physical workplaces on the relationship between knowledge exchange and creative problem-solving

Koreferat: B. Otto

L. Berger, Y. Gehrke, J. Henning, M. Wolff

The dark side of organizational identification: Voluntary CEO turnover during poor firm performance

Koreferat: M. Weck

M. Weck, J. Öhmichen, D. Veltrop, F. Rink

Feeling good being different? CEO regulatory focus and strategy uniqueness

Koreferat: Y. Gehrke

M. Heimstädt, L. Dobusch, L. KlausnerAlgorithmische Vorhersage und Mitbestimmung: Eine Studie zum Verhältnis von "Predictive Risk Intelligence" und Interessenvertretung
A. EickeAlliance Search Breadth and Innovation Efficiency: The Role of Technology Orientation
U. Papenfuß, Z. Roos, C. BochSustainable Transformation of Digital Services of General Interest for Society: Imprinting Effects of CEO Identities in Public Utilities and Implications for Business Research and University Education
P. de Wit, C. Wickert, A. Gümüsay

Cooperation in zones of deep sociopolitical conflict: Navigating competing institutional logics in the Israeli–Palestinian IT sector

Koreferat: L. Skade

E. Lehrer, L. Skade, Y. Hamdali, J. Koch

Communication of Crisis or Crisis of Communication? The Communicative Co-construction of the Covid-19 Pandemic

Koreferat: C. Wickert

G. Ortmann

Die Theorie der Unternehmung grunderneuern!

Koreferat: M. Bank

M. Bank

Illiquidity and the theory of the firm: an exploration of a new perspective

Koreferat: G. Ortmann

K. KandelThe Company You Seek: Nonprofit Member Perceptions of Nonprofit-Business Partnerships
M. Maurer, N. Bach, S. OertelTrust and sensemaking in the context of organizational change
J. Holze, K. RuhnkeSelf-organized Team Formation with Sympathy among Employees
N. Philippczyck, J. Grundmann, S. Oertel

The Framing of Diversity Statements in European Universities: The Role of Imprinting and Institutional Legacy

Koreferat: K. Scharfenkamp

K. Scharfenkamp, A. Kunze

Gender diversity, labour in the boardroom and gender quotas

Koreferat: N. Philippczyck

M. Wonoadi, M. Braun

How governance dynamics affect the distribution of power among managers

Koreferat: E. Schüßler

E. Schüßler, S. Pernicka

Zwischen Disruption und Integration: Governance von digitalen Plattformen im Personentransportsektor aus feldtheoretischer Perspektive

Koreferat: M. Wonoadi

A. ZentgrafShape of U(S): The Identitytransmitting Role of Leadership
K. Keplinger, P. van WagonerOpening the Black Box of CEOs: The Influence of Leader's Personality on Firm Performance during COVID-19
I. Karn, E. Mendiratte, J. Oehmichen, K. Fehre

Turning up the heat: A multilevel review and research agenda focusing on the role of corporate governance in climate change

Koreferat: K. Dlouhy

S. Bohn, N. Lohmeyer, H. Kumar Jha, J. Reinecke

Hostile Frame Takeover: Co-Opting the Security Frame in the German Nuclear Energy Debate

Koreferat: F. Hein-Pensel

F. Hein-Pensel, K. Knorr, S. Oertel, K. Thommes

The Relativity of Time: Patterns of Utilizing Past in the Context of Rhetorical History

Koreferat: S. Bohn

H. Leder, M. Reihlen, S. Albers

A Process Perspective on Successful Turnarounds: A Qualitative Meta-Analysis

Koreferat: S. Habersang

U. Leicht-Deobald, J. Backmann, T. de Vries, M. Weiss, et al.

A Contingency Framework for the Performance Consequences of Team Boundary Management: Meta-analyzing Three Decades of Research

Koreferat: P. Poschmann

P. Poschmann, J. Goldenstein, S. Büchel, U. Hahn

A Vector-Space Framework for the Quantitative Analysis of Organizational Documents with Natural Language Processing

Koreferat: U. Leicht-Deobald

B. Schwoon, S. Schembera, A. Scherer

A Multi-level Process Perspective on Issue Management in the Context of Grand Challenges: The Case of Online Hate Speech Governance at Traditional Media

Koreferat: S. Habersang

S. Habersang

Trapped in a community dilemma: The consequences of normalizing private social media use in the workplace

Koreferat: B. Schwoon

L. Hofsäss

The Role of the Negotiation Process on Dyad Outcomes – A Literature Review on BuyerSupplier Exchanges

Koreferat: K. Rego

K. Rego, J. Buchholz, U. Meyer

Recycling the garbage can: Decision-making and power in digitalization projects

Koreferat: L. Hofsäss

R. Modliba, T. Treffers

The good, the bad, and the evil of negative leadership: A systematic literature review and research agenda

Koreferat: I. Bruder

I. Bruder, J. Sydow

Strategic leadership of an interorganizational network via purpose borrowing – On collaborative practices beyond reciprocity in social entrepreneurship

Koreferat: R. Modliba